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Manbij Military Council Ready to Confront ISIL, Turkish Invaders

Spokesman of Manbij Military Council Sherfan Dervish voiced his forces' readiness to fight against the ISIL terrorists and Turkish army in Aleppo province in Northern Syria.

Federal police chief General Shaker Jodat said late Friday troops had purged 1,850 square kilometers of Mosul's southern front of Daesh militants and freed more than 10,000 families, the al-Sumaria news website reported.

The Iraqi soldiers destroyed 25 car bombs, 83 motorbike bombs, 92 explosive belts and some vehicles equipped with weapons and missiles during their advances in the area, Jodat said.

He further noted that police forces had confiscated 36 mortar shells containing chemicals.

Meanwhile, Iraq's War Media Cell reported that Hashd al-Sha'abi forces had detained seven Daesh elements in the eastern province of Diyala.

Sadiq al-Husseini, the chairman of the security committee in Diyala provincial council, said that the arrests had been made in three different operations across the region.

Source: Al Alam

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