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Maraya int’l Magazine unveiled with theme of resistance

Beirut, The latest edition of the international magazine 'Maraya' on the victory of the resistance axis was unveiled in Beirut.

The deputy secretary general of Lebanon's Hezbollah and diplomats from various countries as well as political and religious figures from Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Russia, Palestine and Yemen attended the unveiling ceremony.

The opening ceremony of the special edition of Maraya Magazine was held at the Al-Jannan Hall in Beirut on Tuesday night.

Ahmad Hosseini, a staff member of the Islamic Republic's embassy, along with Hossein Shaykh ul-Islam, advisor to the Iranian Foreign Minister and Mohammad Mehdi Shariatmadar, were Iranian guests.

The fifth issue of the international magazine was published in Arabic, English, Russian and Persian at the tenth year in several Arab countries, including Lebanon and Syria, as well as Russia and Iran.

Maraya Magazine has been focusing on important issues in its editions, and it focuses on a single issue every few months.

Last year, an edition of Maraya Magazine titled 'The Spirit of God' addressed the dimensions of Imam Khomeini's personality, religion, science, politics, spirituality, and his works and effects.

'Since the resistance axis in Iraq and Syria had achieved tremendous success, we decided to allocate a number to document the history and examine the various dimensions of achievements and victories, and we chose the title of the victory for the resistance axis,' Fadi Budiyeh, editor of the international magazine told IRNA on the latest issue of this monthly magazine.

He added, 'We used all our efforts, and we did not just pay attention to of the military dimension, because in terms of media, politics, economics, and other fields, resistance has also achieved victories.'

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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