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Metal smelting works discovered in NW Iran

Tehran, In the course of survey and identification operations in the Kani Rash village near the city of Mahabad and in Barikayeh in Sardasht, archeologists have found significant traces of historic sites of metal smelting in these western regions of the country.

The Public Relations Office of the Research Center of Cultural Heritage and Tourism (RICHT) quoted Salah Salimi, head of the archaeology team, as saying that the plan for the survey and identification of the ancient metal working sites was implemented exclusively in the two cities of Mahabad and Sardasht and in the vicinity of Kani Rash and Barikayeh villages in an area of 10 km.

He noted that the operations were launched in late May and are still continuing, adding that the mentioned areas are mountainous and impassable and in terms of metal mines are considered as prone areas.

The archeologist further remarked that in the first few weeks of conducting the project, significant works were discovered in the metal smelting sites which were documented.

Salimi added that the operations are mainly concentrated on the sites used for iron smelting, noting that the difficulty of the passage has prolonged the time for the implementation of the plan.

He referred to the specification of the chronology of the site for metal smelting, study of the relation of the mines with the sites for metal smelting and using the analysis for remote sensing and preparing the GIS maps for the localization of the sites as major objectives of the plan for the survey and identification of the metal smelting sites.

The archaeologist said the exact identification of the location and distribution of works in the areas under study for the preparation of the archaeological map of the region is another target of the plan.

The head of the archaeology team, saying that so far no noticeable archeological studies have been conducted in terms of the metal smelting areas in northwest Iran, expressed the hope that conducting the survey would serve as a prelude to the study of metal working in the aforementioned area.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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