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Mexico politician mocked for campaign hashtag ‘#campaignhashtag’

In politics today, finding the right hashtag for your social media campaign can be as important as selecting a candidate or crafting a manifesto.

(theguardian) -- Few electoral teams, however, can hope to attain the inadvertent viral success achieved by a Mexican politician whose campaign has been given the dubious honour of being called the worst in history for his choice of hashtag.

Javier Zapata, a gubernatorial candidate with the peripheral Social Encounter party, bought billboards in the Pacific Coast state of Nayarit emblazoned with his moustachioed face and the caption #hashtagcampaAa � or #campaignhashtag.

Social media across Latin America erupted with mockery at the apparent decision to use an advertisement with dummy text � and then again, when Zapata's campaign insisted that there had been no error.

#HashtagcampaAa could be the sloppiness of an ignoramus or the ingenuity of an expert. We'll never know, wrote one Twitter user.

Source: Al-Alam News Network

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