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Minister of Culture: Basij belongs to whole nation and is not affiliated to any particular faction

Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance during his visit to an exhibition set up by the Basij (Mobilization Force) said Basij belongs to Iranian nation and is not attached to any particular party, faction or trend. According to Public Relations and Information Center of Ministry of Culture, Mr. Reza Salehi Amiri said Basij is the symbol of resistance and endeavor in various social, economic, cultural and scientific fronts adding that as President Rouhani has said, all Iranians are Basiji, a sapling that was planted by the late Imam Khomeini which is now turned to a tall tree . He said all those who support the revolution are basiji and I as Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance would like to thank all commanders and managers of this institution and those who are serving the nation across the country. Mr. Salehi Amiri then turned to his approach in running his ministry and said stability and tranquility is essential for art and cultural works adding that infighting and conflict are not effective tools for advancing culture and art in the country. Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance called for calm a tranquility in cultural realm and said we should take into account the guidelines and advices given by the Supreme Leader and leading clergies in dealing with cultural affairs.

Source: Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance

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