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Minister of Culture meets his counterpart from Republic of Azerbaijan

Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance in a meeting with his counterpart from Republic of Azerbaijan said holding cultural week of Azerbaijan Republic in Tehran is prelude for expansion of cultural ties between the two countries.

According to Public Relations and Information Center of Ministry of Culture, Mr. Reza Salehi Amiri during his meeting with Abulfazl Qarayev on Monday July 3 said political and economic relations between countries are subject to changes under special circumstances but cultural ties are durable and not affected by disputes and rivalries. He added that Iran and Republic of Azerbaijan share long and extensive cultural, social, linguistic, traditions and civilization ties and Iranian President Rouhani has always reiterated the need to expand relations with Baku. Iranian Minister of Culture said during the past 4 years presidents of Iran and Republic of Azerbaijan have met 7 times and this indicates that both countries are determined to promote their relations in all areas. Mr. Salehi Amiri while talking about the areas where Tehran and Baku can cooperate said scholars of two countries can hold dialog and in areas such as film industry, arts, music, theater, visual arts, art galleries, manuscripts, book fairs and so on Tehran and Baku can cooperate. He went on to say that during the past year Iran in cinema sector has received 370 awards and 83 thousands of new titles of books have been published in the country and 100 book fairs have been held across the country. Talking about acts of violence carried out by terrorists in the region and the world, Mr. Salehi Amiri said terrorists present a distorted and harsh image of Islam and that's why Muslim countries should work together to show the real face of Islam which is a religion of kindness, to the world. He added that terrorism is not only a threat to Iran, Iraq, Syria or Libya but it is rather a global threat and needs to be confronted. Minister of Culture and Tourism of Republic of Azerbaijan said we are in Tehran on the occasion of our country's cultural week adding that such events help countries to boost their art and cultural relations. Mr. Abulfazal Qarayev said Republic of Azerbaijan has secured many awards for its film industry with help by Iranian experts. He added that his country's motto of the year is Islamic solidarity and has taken great steps to present Islamic values to people of the world adding that by cooperating with Iran in this respect we can take further steps in this direction.

Source: Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance

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