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More than 150 ISIS Militants Killed in Iraqi Forces’ Special Military Operation in Anbar

Iraq's joint military forces continued their advances in al-Anbar province and seized back more lands, killing over 150 ISIS terrorists.

At least 153 ISIS terrorists were killed in the Iraqi army's special military operation in al-Anbar province, the army's media department announced.

A large amount of ISIL's military hardware, equipment and ammunition were also destroyed by the Iraqi forces.

The Iraqi army also announced that al-Sokreh, al-Zawiyeh and al-Indefa regions upto Wadi al-Fakhimi were destroyed during the Iraqi army's military operation.

The Iraqi forces also managed to defuse 501 mines and destroyed five bomb-laden vehicles as well as 14 arms depot, 15 boats and 35 bomb-laden oxygen capsules.

In a relevant development earlier on Saturday, the Iraqi federal police took over the headquarters of the ISIL terrorist group directing the actions of ethnically Chechen terrorists.

The ISIL headquarters was located in the Southeastern part of the city.

"Maps of ISIL attacks which were earlier carried out in various Mosul districts were found at the headquarters. Federal police discovered explosive belts and weapons," Federal Police commander Lieutenant General Raed Shakir Jawdat said.

Mosul operation commander Abdul Amir Rashid Jarallah said that the police also seized control over the nearby hospital and the area of the Al-Ghufran Mosque.

The Mosul operation aimed to liberate the city from ISIL started in October 2016. The operation is jointly conducted by Iraqi military forces, Iraqi Kurds and the United States-led coalition. The eastern part of the city has been recaptured from terrorists so far. ISIL took control over the city in 2014, FNA reported.

Source: Al Alam News Network

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