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Most countries support Iran against US

Bushehr, Iran's Sports and Youth Minister said that today apart from a few small Arab countries almost all countries support Iran against the United States.

Massoud Soltanifar at a meeting on Monday with athletes and members of the NGOs in the southern city of Bushehr province in Assalouyeh, stated that while six years ago, when the government had not yet come to power, all of the world were supporting the US and against Iran.

He said that threats, sanctions and problems in this area were always a barrier to the development of Iran, which the government of Rouhani negotiated with the great powers of the western and eastern parts of the world for 30 months paving the way for logical interaction with preserving national interests and this distanced country from war and threat.

Soltanifar continued, 'Today, when the President of the United States explicitly states that its interests in Iran Deal have not been guaranteed, it is a proof of Iran's success.'

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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