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Most of mustard gas used against Iran during imposed war:WHO advisor

Tehran, Most of the mustard gas has been used against Iran during Saddam era's Iraqi-imposed war (1980-88) , a World Health Organization advisor for toxicology said.

Three decades after the imposed war against Iran, the chemicals side effects are still evident on chemically wounded war veterans, Mahdi Balaei Mood said on the sidelines of the first International Academic Medicine Congress in Iran.

The effects of toxic gases are evident in war veterans' lungs, skin, eyes and immune system, he said.

'The long-term side effects of mustard gas poisoning are more than other chemicals, and in recent years we have been investigating its side effects,' he added.

The Iran�Iraq war was an armed conflict between Iran and Iraq, beginning on 22 September 1980, when Iraq invaded Iran, and ending on 20 August 1988, when Iran accepted a UN-brokered ceasefire.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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