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Mousavian: Respecting UN Charter solution to regional problems

Tehran, A former diplomat and a researcher at Princeton University said the solution to regional problems relies on respecting the United Nations Charter.

Mousavian made the remarks while addressing European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR) Panel on Saudi Arabia and Iran as the new decisive frontline in the Middle East.

Reacting to a question regarding concerns in the Middle East, Europe and the US over the so-called Iran's destabilizing role in the region, Mousavian said I fully support the three principles mentioned by [P]GCC Assistant Secretary General for Political Affairs and Negotiations Abdulaziz Hamad Aluwaisheg. I believe this is the way to go and if Europeans are going to jump in based on these three principles I believe they would get Iran into deal.

However I really don't know if Abdulaziz knows or not that a year ago Oman and Kuwait raised these three points with Iran, official letter at the highest level was exchanged between Emir of Kuwait and Iran, he added.

He reiterated that President Rouhani officially confirmed the three principles and at the moment they were up for serious negotiations.

Abdulaziz claimed that Saudi Arabia and Iran have several issues and we tried over 25 years to engage with Iran to address them.

I personally participated in some of these missions, he added.

We invited Iranian leaders to [P]GCC and vice versa. We made several attempts but none of them worked.

He went on to say that we did not have common bases when we talked to our Iranian colleagues they didn't accept the international book of rules to resolve those conflicts and they said we are brothers, we should be able to deal with them as brothers, Muslim brothers.

He continued to repeat his anti-Iran allegations by saying We failed because we did not reach a common understanding and the only common understanding I think exists is the international system.

He added that the latest attempt was in 2016, there was an exchange of letters through Emir of Kuwait with Iran and we called on Iran to commit with us jointly, publicly and clearly on three principles that should not be controversial and they are brought from international rules book that both sides should commit publicly to the UN Charter.

Abdulaziz went on to say that everyone of us are members of the UN especially articles related to state sovereignty, respect for international orders and respect for the political independence of neighbors and their territorial integrity.

Second we also suggested that we both make commitment to refrain from inciting or exploiting sectarian differences, third we should respect each other's political systems and should refrain from trying to change them by force, he noted.

Mousavian, for his part, referred to Iran nuclear deal famously known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), saying it is practically an international decision that was approved by the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

He reiterated that Saudi Arabia has done everything to dismantle the deal.

This is the way Saudis are respecting the international order, rules and decision, he added.

Reacting to Abdulaziz allegation as regard Iran Deal, Mousavian said Europe came to Iran first in 2003 during tenure of Ahmadinejad [Former Iranian President] and Iran proposed a broad dialogue with P5+1.

Europe and the US declined and insisted on nuclear issue alone. We are not going to discuss with you a broader package on the regional issues, he added.

Clarifying Abdulaziz's remarks, Mousavian said however Iranian perception from regional threats comes of 40 years of practical experience they have as Islamic Republic of Iran versus continuous US regime change policies.

Iran has been facing from the first day of revolution attempts to bring down Iranian system and now President Trump is accelerating it, he noted.

Second is war against Iran which an Arab neighbor invaded Iran and Saudi [P] GCC supported the invasion of Iran, he said.

This is perhaps the way Abdulaziz wants to respect the UN Charter - to invade Iran and donating 40-50 billion dollars to Saddam Hussein [Former President of Iraq] to continue its war on Iran as a result of which millions of Iranians were killed or injured, Mousavian said.

He went on to say that the 3rd practical experience again come back to Abdulaziz order and rule was the use of chemical weapons against Iran. 100,000 Iranians were killed and injured.

Europe, US and Saudi Arabia all supported the use of chemical weapons against Iranians and you cannot see one single word during the last 40 years from Saudis condemning the use of chemical weapons by Saddam killing or injuring 100,000 people, he reiterated.

Reacting to Abdulaziz comments on missiles, Mousavian said everybody is talking about missile. It is Iranians that have been targeted by thousands of missiles during the war and everyone knows who supported Saddam to use missile against Iran.

Abdulaziz said 100 Yemeni missiles which are not Iranian missiles. This is Yemeni missile but 1800 missiles were used only against one (Iranian) city during the war (on Iran)... you can imagine the other numbers, he added.

He went on to say that during Obama, Secretary of State John Kerry said in every meeting we had with Saudis, Emiratis and Egyptians, they were asking the US to attack Iran.

This is how they approached Iran, this is the Iranian perception of threat, he said adding that I need to explain how Iranians in past 40 years have their mindset formed about the real threat they have been facing.

The threats now are on the rise because now we have Saudis allying with Israel to fight Iran,' he said reiterating that this is completely unprecedented.

Now we have quadrilateral cooperation between Emirate, Saudi Arabia, Israel and the US to bring a regime change to Iran, he said.

It is what American papers write about many meetings in Washington about these four countries, now we have huge influences of Prime Minister [Benjamin] Netanyahu on White House, now we have John Bolton there, he added.

Mousavian also pointed to Abdulaziz remarks on Lebanon, saying Saudi Arabia should respect elections in Lebanon.

The Lebanese people voted for Hezbollah. They have the parliament seat, he said adding that this is international order.

You are calling Hezbollah a terrorist group when they got Lebanese vote, everyone knows the root cause of ISIS and Al-Qaeda and who is supporting, who is funding them. I don't need to say, he noted.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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