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Multiple explosions rock western Kabul

Kabul, Multiple explosions rocked ceremonies commemorating the anniversary of martyrdom of Abdolali Mazari, leader and founder of Afghan Vahdat Islami Party.

Executive Head of Afghanistan government, former vice president Mohammad Yunus Qanuni and Second Deputy Chief Executive Mohammad Mohaqiq were addressing the meeting when the explosions occurred.

The meeting closed immediately after the explosions when Mohaqiq asked the participants to leave the area.

Up to so far, sounce of almost 10 explosions have been heard and attacks continue. Army helicopter is hovering the area.

Spokesman of Afghan Health Ministry told the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) that the attacks injured at least two children and a woman and a body has been transferred to hospital.

Certain nongovernment sources put the dead at four and the injured at 21.

Meanwhile, spokesman of Afghan interior ministry told the media that the site targeted by mortars is cordoned off by security forces and one has been arrested on charges of firing mortars.

Based on related news, Daesh has undertaken the responsibility for the attacks.

Latest news put number of the dead at three and of injured at 22.

A candidate of next year presidential elections Abdullatif Pedram is said to be among the dead.

Certain news sources report that Abduljabar Taqva, former governor general of Kabul, is also among the injured.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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