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Muslim women fighting cliches in London art fair

Tehran, - An exhibition is underway at Hockney Art Gallery in London to challenge misconceptions about Islam, arts and Muslim women.

According to East London Lines, the art exhibition showcases works by 12 Muslim female artists and poets.

The fair aims at displaying Islamic art and the culture to break the stereotypes about Muslim women.

The curator of the exhibition Nazia Mirza said, 'Islamic art is in your environment. In Muslim countries it's in mosques, in the buildings, in the architecture, but it's also in your prayer mat, it's in your clothes, in bowls etc.

The exhibition also includes workshops about the art of geometry and calligraphy. Six of the workshops have been booked by schools.

Being a Muslim is nowadays hard, Mirza said, adding that she wants Muslim children who visit the exhibition to be 'proud about their identity.'

The exhibition will be underway in the British capital until December 15th.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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