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Muslim world taking pride in Iran: ex-Algerian minister

Algiers, Iran, with its progress in various fields over past 39 years, is an honor for the Muslim world, said former Algerian minister of religious affairs in a ceremony to commemorate the 39th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution.

'Iran has had a lot of achievements both domestically and internationally; Iranians have trusted their own capabilities in more than 30 years of sanctions and have tried to become strong. And now we can see Iran has become a power,' said Ahmad Marani.

Marani also said that Iran has proved that it is the pioneer in the Muslim world and 'we are proud of it'.

Commenting on the claims that Iran is a threat to the region, he said, 'Iran is a threat only to Israel, and that's because Iran is committed to principles it won't sell or let go of'.

He also said that the only people who say that Iran is a threat to the region are 'the mercenaries of the US and Israel' because they see Iran as a threat to their masters in Washington and Tel Aviv.

The ceremony was attended by the minster, members of parliament, heads of political parties, ambassadors, academic and cultural figures and Iranians residing in Algeria.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency

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