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Muslims residents in Austria slam US anti-Quds act

Vienna Hundreds of Muslims residents in Austria protested against White House act to recognize Holy Quds as the capital city of the Zionist Regime.

Over 500 Muslims from different nationalities namely; Syrian, Iraqi and Iranian attended the demonstrations held on Friday in front of the US embassy in Austria.

Protesters chanted anti-US slogans in Arabic, English and German.

The street leading to the US mission was blocked by police officers.

The US president's Wednesday announcement to recognize Beit-ul Moqaddas as the capital city of Israel has faced extensive criticisms all over the world even from the US allies.

Controversial US President Donald Trump's recognition of the Holy Quds as the capital of Israel met fierce condemnations from around the world, as many top brass political figures and international organizations warned about repercussions of the decision in the region and world.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency

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