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Muslims to condemn killing of Palestinians in Quds rally

Baghdad, Iranian Ambassador to Iraq Eiraj Masjedi said that due to the conspiracies of the hegemonic powers and the relocation of the US embassy to the Holy Quds, this year's Quds Day Rally will be held more enthusiastically than before.

He made the remarks addressing a coordination meeting for Quds Day Rally in Karbala.

Masjedi called for magnificent holding of the rally in all Islamic states, so that the oppressed people of Palestine would feel all Muslims and all world independent nations are supporting them.

The Iranian envoy said that relocating the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Holy Quds is a big insult to Muslims and Islam, adding that it is expected this year Quds Day Rally will be held in a more magnificent manner in Karbala and other Iraqi cities.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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