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Naming IRGC terrorist group big mistake by US: Expert

Tehran, Some experts in US affairs believe that naming the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) by the United States government as a terrorist group is a tactical mistake and lacks special operational dimension.

US President Donald Tramp issued a statement Monday (April 8th) announcing that Washington has considered the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps a foreign terrorist organization.

In a statement issued by the White House, Trump wrote, 'I declare officially that my government intends to announce the IRGC, including the Quds Force, as a foreign terrorist organization, in accordance with paragraph 219 of the' Immigration and Nationality Act.

This action by the President of the United States in naming of IRGC led to a wideranging response from the country's authorities and political and military figures.

Considering the importance of the issue, the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) in an interview with Abouzar Gohari Moqaddam, the university professor and an expert on American affairs discussed the White House's decision.

** Naming IRGC as terrorist group completion of pressure ring on Iran

Gohari Moqaddam said the recent government action is in the direction of the maximum pressure on the Islamic Republic of Iran, and over the course of 40 years, Washington has used every means to exert pressure on Iran and this action is also being carried out as a complement to the pressure ring.

Americans imagine that by imposing sanctions on the IRGC they can exert more pressure on the country and people and may change the behavior of Iran, or ultimately have plans that they themselves think will change the regime in Iran. But they have had a profound tactical mistake in this regard,' the expert noted.

He added that the next issue related to this move by the President of the United States, is the White House's goodwill and service for Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu on the eve of the parliamentary election and as well as the Zionists and lobbies inside Washington.

The university professor underlined that the other thing on the Trump government's action can be discussed in the field of domestic politics, which Americans sought to create a gulf between the various factions and groups of Iran, and the bipolarization of the Revolution Guards and the people, which, in fact, it backfired.

'Another goal of the US government is to pressure the authorities and force them to sit at the negotiating table and enter the areas they want to take concessions from the country, but in this context, the results in favor of the Americans, given the internal situation in our country will not be achieved.

Moqaddam stated, 'Washington's action is a symbolic act that does not have a special operational aspect, because some of the IRGC affiliated entities were already included in the American sanctions list by the United States government, and there will be no particular result.'

Americans are trying to pursue their goals in the region through machination against public opinion and in this space they want to create disagreements or riots within the country, but the full support of the people of our country, as in the past, has contributed to defeat of the Americans' plots.

** Consequences of naming IRGC as terrorist group in Middle East

The professor said that designating IRGC in the list of terrorist groups would not have a definite effect in the Middle East and that the idea of causing the operational measures by the governments of the region would be false.

He noted that this action, which was announced by the United States, has no security implications and is essentially a concern for the Americans themselves, and even American servicemen are opposed to this decision by Trump and are concerned about the possible reaction of the IRGC in the region.

The expert went on to say that Americans know that Iran is the supreme regional power and does not dare to take military action against Iran at all, and that the Arab states of the Persian Gulf region and the Saudis have supported this action because of the policies of pure obedience of the United States and the Zionist regime, and beyond this there is no particular expectation from these countries.

Moqaddam noted that, given the decisions made inside the country, it will have side effects for the Trump government and will endanger the interests of Americans in West Asia and the Middle East.

According to Gohari Moqqadam, this move by the US government by no means cannot be a declaration of war on Iran, and in terms of legal and operational dimension there is no possibility of war in the Middle East, and the law that allows the United States to place the IRGC in the list of terrorist groups does not have any military dimension and it has a specific base, including blocking assets and extradition, and what is sanctioned is a clear base, and the US government will not be allowed to act.

The expert expressed that the implication that tries to make the US measure as declaration of war on Iran is wrong in terms of operational and analytical dimensions and maybe there is actually a political planning behind it, and some want to take advantages of the situation.

Actually, the US and Pentagon officials said they opposed the IRGC's sanction by the Trump government and somehow managed Iran's behavior and are preventing Iran's behavior being radical, and that it would behave contrary to US national interests in the region.

** Placing IRGC in terrorist list in view of international law

'The American government's measure 100 percent violates international law and norm and is a violation of the sovereignty of nations, and is an innovation in relations between countries founded by Americans,, Gohari Moqaddam made the remark.

He said that the US government proclaimed a part of the military structure of a country as a terrorist, a system defined by the constitution, and has popular legitimacy and essentially is more than a group or organization, and that the US' decision has no legal perspective in the view of international law and has a negative message.

The university professor concluded, 'This American action is a flagrant violation of international law and the sovereignty of nations. The law is to be passed by the parliament and will call as terrorists as US troops in the region, is the first feedback against the behavior that threatens the interests of Americans in the Middle East and West Asia.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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