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Nat’l Commission of UNESCO trying for global registration of Hamedan’s works

Hamedan, SecretaryGeneral of the UNESCO National Commission in Iran, emphasizing that the commission is working for global registration of a work of Hamedan, expressed hope that Hamedan's hosting of the Sixth International Conference on Chain Registrations along the Silk Road will make this important goal to be realized.

Hojatullah Ayoubi on Tuesday evening noted, This hosting will be the beginning of Hamedan's global introduction because it is part of Iran's identity.

The importance of the Silk Road is not overlooked by anyone, and it is considered to be the important route of the various countries of the world, which is considered as a special section of UNESCO, he said, noting that the historical and cultural heritage of Hamadan is honorable.

Ayoubi pointed out that there is a tough competition between the various countries around the Silk Road and look at this path is economic.

He noted that this road is the place of trade and economic exchange of goods and is also a great opportunity for the exchange of thought, which this section of course remains unnoticed.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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