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Necessary resources for construction investment, backing low-income classes considered in 1400 budget

The President described the reduction of economic pressure on the people, the provision of necessary resources for the provision of services and the improvement of the country's economy in the first topic for preparing the budget and said, "In the year 1400 budget, the necessary resources for construction investment and supporting the low-income classes have been considered and the necessary credit are provided".

Speaking on Tuesday at the 190th meeting of the government's Economic Coordination Board, Dr Hassan Rouhani referred to the allocation of part of the potential oil revenues for infrastructure and social support, adding, "Regarding the economic infrastructure, the aim is to create small and medium enterprises and implementing major projects".

Dr Rouhani stated that regarding the salaries of employees, efforts will be made to compensate for inflation, as in previous years, and said, "The government will do its best, and considering all aspects and expert review, we will try to make the reforms proposed by the parliament with having in mind the overall structure of the budget".

The President added, "All efforts are towards using the proper strategies in formulating and setting an effective and efficient budget, with the aim of achieving the desired result so that next year we can reduce the pressure on the underprivileged".

At this meeting, the Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade reported on free trade agreements with the Eurasian Union.

After this report, the President clarified, "The performance of the country's exports and imports with this union during last year has shown that with this agreement, a new market has been opened for the export of Iranian products".

Dr Rouhani described the use of various trade and economic capacities in the Eurasian region as one of the most important opportunities for our country and said, "Iran's presence in the Eurasian Union has become more important than ever in the current economic war and the consequences of coronavirus".

Source: Presidency of Islamic Republic of Iran

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