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Netherlands values cultural cooperation with Iran: Envoy

Tehran, The embassy of the Netherlands in Tehran attaches much importance to cultural exchanges with Iran and focuses on the commonalities between the two countries, the ambassador said on Tuesday.

'We see cultural exchanges helpful because they help to a better understanding among nations,' Jacque Werner said in the opening ceremony of an exhibition of a number of archeological works from the Dutch Drents Museum in National Museum in Tehran.

It is necessary that in the current critical era the two countries focus on the topics that help them deepen their relations, the diplomat said.

The cooperation between the two museums is an example of successful diplomacy between Iran and the Netherlands that can make the visitors aware of their history and civilization, the ambassador said.

Referring to the previous cultural cooperation, Werner said the Netherlands will employ all its capacities for boosting cultural ties with Iran.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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