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New Delhi not to stop importing oil from Iran

New Delhi , India's media on the eve of US Secretary of State Mike Pampo's trip to New Delhi wrote that India will not stop importing oil from Iran.

The Economic Times wrote on Wednesday that US Defense Secretary James Mathis and Secretary of State Mike Pumpo are scheduled to travel to New Delhi on Thursday to meet with their Indian counterparts Nirmala Sitaraman and Suhsma Sevaraj.

New Delhi will likely announce to Washington that India will not stop importing oil from Tehran after its sanctions on Iran in November, the newspaper said.

Indian officials, in a meeting with their American counterparts in Washington, state that no country can interfere in another nation's foreign policy, according to the publication.

The Indian authorities have repeatedly stated that its refineries are dependent on imports of oil from various countries, including Iran, and when fuel prices in Indian markets have increased sharply, the lack of consideration for Iran's cheap oil is difficult.

An Indian official also said that New Delhi has urged Washington to offer alternative sources for Iranian oil at a similar price to the country.

India supplies 83 percent of its oil through imports, and the price of this product is very vital for its economic growth.

According to an Indian official, Delhi will not accept any obligation to import oil from Iran.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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