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New US gov’t expected to be good representative for people: Spokesman

Government spokesman Ali Rabiei said on Tuesday that the next US administration is expected to be good representative for the people of the country.

Speaking in his weekly press conference on Tuesday, Rabiei hoped that the president-elect of the US Joe Biden will remember what he had been critical of his predecessor for violation of international agreements.

Saying that the US elections was one of the most important political events of the week, Rabiei added that Iran’s stance is quite clear. As repeatedly said before, Iran considers policies, not the politicians.

He said that in the recent election, the US people rejected racism and sexism, as well as breaking the law and creating trouble for the international community.

The aide to the Iranian president noted that President Donald Trump had tarnished the US reputation in the world public opinion, but the vote showed that the US people had correctly realized that the inhumane measures taken by the US administration in the past four years have severely hurt the US standing.

He said that Iran meticulously monitors the US developments but leaves judgments for a later time.

Answering a question about the effects of the defeat of the incumbent US administration in the elections on Iran’s regional policies, he said the US current government will leave office in a few weeks but Iran will stay in the region forever.

Rabiei said that even under severe sanctions, Iran’s policies have always been based on creating peace and developing economic ties with people of the region.

Even when under the sanctions, Iran proposed peace plans for the region and sent peace messages to all countries of the region, he said.

Saying that Trump failed to change the culture and geography of the region through economic war, he added that Iran once again announces that it has the policy of peace, friendship, and a region free of wars and violence on agenda.

He hoped that with reduction of US interference, the region will reach collective agreements for improvement of economy and security.

Rabiei said Iran believes that the security of the region should be provided by the people of the region.

Iran extends a hand of friendship to all countries of the region and believes that through the regional treaties, a lot of measures can be taken in favor of the governments and people of the region.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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