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Nineveh Guard Plays Significant Role in Helping Iraqi Army to Liberate Mosul

Nineveh Guard, as one of the many volunteer forces supporting the Iraqi army, has played an important role in the battles against Daesh (ISIS/ISIL/IS) for Mosul.

Every fighter in its ranks is from the Mosul area, and bent on getting their city back, these men take it personal. "[This is the] only force, the organized force from Nineveh all the people in it are from Mosul City, and they are now around three thousand people, all equipped and ready to fight to get their city back," said Abdullah al-Nujaifi, Nineveh Guard coordinator.

Abdulla al-Nujaifi is the son of Nineveh's former governor. In the northern front line, they secure the area from a rooftop. He said at this point, they're under the range of mortars from Daesh.

A short distance away, local commanders discuss the northern offensive. Inside they are also talking about cooperation, or the lack of it, with the Iraqi army, the Kurdish Peshmerga and a variety of militias both Shiite and Sunni.

Source: Al Alam

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