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No army strong enough to fight Iran: Lebanese journalist

Beirut, No country is powerful enough to take military actions against Iran, said a world-known Lebanese journalist.

'No one is game to make an adventurous move against Iran; even US President Donald Trump considers it a very costly move,' Talal Salman told the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA).

Salman, who is recognized as one of the ten top Arab journalists, said that Iran is a big country and fighting Iran is no easy task.

He also said that Israel talks a lot about Iran and tries to make the Arabs fear Iran and added, Israel itself is not strong enough for that matter.

'I believe 'the Strong Israel' myth has been made up by those who were behind Arabs' defeats and weakness.'

The 80-year old nationalist Arab journalist said, 'Iran is for sure a great country in the region now, and plays an important role.'

Salman, who had interviewed late Imam Khomeini twice, also said that he had already seen Iran. 'It has advanced a lot.'

Commenting on negotiations between Iran and Arab world, namely Saudi Arabia, he said, 'The moves made by [Saudi Crown Prince] Mohammad bin Salman and [the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi] Mohammed bin Zayed lack any kind of insight and tact.'

'Therefore, in such a chaotic condition, the close talks are highly improbable unless bin Salman feels that Saudi Arabia society is disordered.'

'If he feels that the maneuvers he makes are not enough for reaching the throne, bin Salman will feel compelled to reconstruct ties with the neighbors,' said the veteran journalist.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency

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