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No option left for Palestinians but resistance: Islamic Jihad official

Tehran, July 24, IRNA There is no option for the Palestinians, but to resist the occupying Zionist regime, Nasser Abu Shairf, a Palestinian Islamic Jihad representative in Iran said on Monday.

Speaking in press conference, the envoy referred to Zionist regime strategy for complete dominance over all the Palestinian lands and judaization of the region and said Tel-Aviv is manipulating recent developments to execute its plot.

He criticized Western and Arabic countries for marginalizing the Palestinian issue, and said that the recent developments in Occupied Lands are an opportunity to unite and try for liberation of all Palestinian territory.

The Palestinian people should continue their fight against occupiers and the Muslim Ummah should also support them, the Palestinian official noted.

He pointed to new Zioinists' projects against Palestinian resistance like establishment of Palestinian-Jordanian confederation, and said due to discord in the Arab world, Zionist regime is executing its projects to dominate the region.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency

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