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‘No reason’ for war games with South Korea: Trump

US President Donald Trump says there is no reason for conducting joint military drills with South Korea over ongoing discussions about North Korea's nuclear program.

The President believes that his relationship with Kim Jong Un is a very good and warm one, and there is no reason at this time to be spending large amounts of money on joint U.S.-South Korea war games, the White House said in a statement that Trump himself issued on Twitter on Wednesday. Besides, the president can instantly start the joint exercises again with South Korea, and Japan, if he so chooses."

This is while US Defense Secretary James Mattis had announced earlier that there were no plans to cancel future military exercises between Washington and Seoul.

We have no plans at this time to suspend any more exercises, Mattis told reporters at the Pentagon on Tuesday.

The White House is meanwhile accusing China stalled efforts to put an end to North Korea's nuclear program, citing tremendous pressure by Beijing on Pyongyang over ongoing trade war between the US and China.

At the same time, we also know that China is providing North Korea with considerable aid, including money, fuel, fertilizer and various other commodities, the White House said. This is not helpful!

Despite that the White House described Trump's relationship with Chinese President Xi Jinping as very strong.

As part of Trump's push to negotiate with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, the Pentagon announced in June it would indefinitely suspend two training exercises with South Korea.

Source: Press TV

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