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Non-stop unloading and loading operations in ports to supply basic commodities

In a message on the occasion of the National Transportation Day (December 16), Mohammad Rastad stated: today is a great opportunity to appreciate the unparalleled services of the country's transportation activists; Men and women who, with their unremitting efforts, moved the economic cycles of the country in the sea, land and sky, and in spite of all their shortcomings and problems, prevented halt in country's supply chain.

In the field of maritime transport, despite the unjust and illegal sanctions imposed and the restrictions caused by the Corona pandemic, the country's trade gates have not been closed even for a moment and our colleagues in the country's ports continued to unload and load ships so that the goods needed by the country, especially the basic commodities, could be transferred to destinations centers at the lowest cost and in the shortest time. Meanwhile, we attended the development of port infrastructure. and also the Development projects were active without interruption.

Source: Ports & Maritime Organization

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