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North of Iraq should not be a threat to Iran: Iraqi politician

Baghdad, A prominent Iraqi politician said that Iraq and the north of the country should not be a threat to the Islamic Republic of Iran.

After separating from the Patriotic Union of Iraqi Kurdistan on September 25 ,1996, Barham Saleh formed the Political Coalition for Democracy and Justice and in his first political experience in the election he earned two seats out of a total of 329 Iraqi parliamentary seats.

Speaking with the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) in an exclusive interview, Saleh emphasized that Iraq and Kurdistan region should not be a threat for the security of neighboring countries especiialy Iran.

The head of the Coalition for Democracy and Justice who had been nominated for the posts of presidency (2014), the prime minister of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq as well as the former deputy prime minister during the Nouri al-Maliki government emphasized the need to secure the borders of Iraq with Iran, saying the interests of the people of Iraq and Kurdistan are in maintaining the security of its borders with all of its neighbors especially the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Referring to some recent terrorist threats from northern Iraq against the Islamic Republic of Iran, the outstanding Iraqi politician said, 'We have been opposed to these actions and we are confident that the Kurdish government of Iraq in cooperation with the central government will take the necessary steps to prevent these terrorist acts.'

Saleh emphasized that these terrorist acts would not only jeopardize the security of its neighbors but also jeopardize Iraq's security including Kurdistan's, adding that the security of the region is a shared goal and everyone should prevent these anti-security measures because this threat is against our interests and our neighbors'.

He further noted that the purpose of his political coalition is to undertake fundamental reforms in the structure of the Kurdish regional government, adding that 'We are one of the parties that we have just announced our existence and the realization of the goals will take a long time.'

Pointing to the process of forming a new Iraqi government, Saleh said that political disagreements have increased unfortunately in the light of what happened during the recent parliamentary elections.

According to the head of Coalition for Democracy and Justice, Iraq needs a strong and active government that responds to the demands of the people, otherwise the crises will intensify.

Pointing to the consequences of the crisis in Iraq for the region, Saleh said that after all these differences, social reconciliation should be the cornerstone of the rule of law in Iraq and all of these crises should be resolved on the basis of respect for the rights of citizens and respect for the Constitution.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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