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Not joining FATF to have harmful effects for Iran

Tehran,Chairman of National Security and Foreign Policy Commission of Iranian parliament said that people should know what Iran's accession to the FATF means and what it has to do with the damage to the country by referring to the opinions of the experts and authorities responsible for the Combating the Financing of Terrorism (CFT) in the parliament.

Hashmatullah Falahat Pishe, regarding the statements and expectations of officials about FATF quartet bills in parliament, said the central bank announced that if 'our relations with the FATF were to collapse, the country's banks would be bankrupted.'

Referring to the topics discussed at the meeting with Foreign Ministry officials, he said, 'Today, the number of partners with the special financial group is more than the United Nations members in the world, which makes it possible for at least four million Iranians not to work abroad in the name of Iran and they must inevitably have the nationality of other countries, among whom they are from elite to businessmen, while our embassies cannot do any financial work and big business is not done.

Falahatpishe continued, 'It has been reported that banks from different parties, such as China, have put Iran on the black list, which has led to trade with Iran at a high cost and risk; I have already said that the review sessions of the bill should be broadcast directly from the IRIB and everyone, including government officials, experts and faculty members give their opinions.'

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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