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Nuclear Combining Processing Unit inaugurated at Natanz complex

Kashan, President Hassan Rouhani in a video conference on Monday ordered inauguration of a nuclear combining processing unit at Ahmadi Roshan nuclear enrichment complex in Nata

Addressing the opening ceremony, President Rouhani described the project as final ring in production of nuclear fuel.

The new project is to inject the required enrichment materials in the reactors, Isfahan Governor General Mohsen Mehralizadeh said.

All equipment and facilities used for the projects are home-made, he said.

Some 83 nuclear-related projects were inaugurated in the presence of President Hassan Rouhani on the 12th National Nuclear Day.

Transfer of the first ever 'Yellow Cake' produced in Ardakan firm in Yazd province to UCF site in Isfahan was among achievements on Nuclear Day under supervision of President Rouhani

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency

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