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Obstacles on purchasing COVID-19 vaccine removed: CBI chief

The Governor of the Central Bank of Iran said on Thursday that he has already issued necessary orders for the purchase of the coronavirus vaccine.

Abdonnaser Hemmati wrote in his Instagram account that he issued the order on Thursday morning.

He had already mentioned that US sanctions had impeded the process of the purchase.

Hemmati said the preliminary agreement was achieved from a bank in Korea on Thursday and the order to pay for the vaccine was issued.

Reassuring the Iranian people that the vaccine will be bought as soon as possible, he said the CBI will provide the necessary financial resources needed for the domestically-developed vaccine.

He had already said that due to US sanctions, the European banks are afraid of working with Iran; they are ready to work with Iran only if they receive a permit from the US.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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