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Official calls for boosting IranSyria economic ties

Tehran, Secretary General of IranSyria trade Relations Development Headquarters hailed a balance in political, cultural and social relations between Iran and Syria, but said the level of economic relations is not appropriate for two countries.

Addressing the IranianSyrian Trade, Economic Conference in Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mining and Agriculture on Wednesday, Hassan Danaiefar noted that there are excellent relations in all aspects of political, cultural, social, security and military relations between Iran and Syria and two countries have a strong determination to further develop these relationships.

Advisor to the First Vice President emphasized, Officials of the two countries highlight the development of political relations, but the inadequate level of economic relations between the two countries is not acceptable for Tehran and Damascus, and the Syrian and Iranian parties in all sectors should work to develop and improve these relations.

'There is a good infrastructure between the two countries, and the free trade agreement between Tehran and Damascus, which is signed, should help develop economic relations,' Iranian official went on to say.

He added that signing an agreement on strategic economic cooperation between Iran and Syria could have a special place in economic relations.

Referring to the lack of development in economic relations between the two private sectors of the two countries among the factors for inappropriate level of relations, Danaiefar made the remark that the state sector is ahead in this regard, but it is not desirable, and the private sector should become more active.

He emphasized the need for increased recognition of the Iranian private sector of the private sector in Syria and reiterated, The two sides' businessmen have no acquaintance with each other and there is no link among them.'

Addressing the IranianSyrian Trade, Economic Conference in Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mining and Agriculture, SameralDabs noted on Wednesday, 'The development of economic, and commercial relations between the two countries can help expand cooperation in various fields. '

SameralDabs emphasized that Iran has been and remains Syrian's friend and brother and has been along with this country in all problems, and highlighted, 'Today, at the time of reconstruction, we will pay special attention to the presence of Iranians and prioritize the presence of Iranian companies.'

Syrian ambassador to Tehran Adnan Mahmoud, also considered the holding of the economic, trade conference reflects the serious determination of the two sides to develop trade and economic relations and went on to say, Now it is necessary to create a strategic economic partnership between Iran and Syria in order to meet the interests of the two countries.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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