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Official quotes Pres Rouhani on end of Trump’s political life

Deputy for the Iranian President’s Office for Communications and Information Affairs Alireza Moezzi quoted President Hassan Rouhani as saying that the political life the US President Donald Trump will be over soon.

In a Twitter message on Friday, he wrote “It is beneath the dignity of Iranian president to threaten the life of a foreign counterpart. Unlike US regime, Iran does not threaten, nor does it assassinate foreign leaders.  President Rouhani clearly said “very soon Mr. Trump’s POLITICAL life will be over.”

Rouhani, in a speech on Thursday, likened his US counterpart Donald Trump to former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein and said “history will remember him as a “man without dignity”.

Rouhani indicated that Saddam imposed a war on Iran for 8 years, but then he fell and left, adding: “Trump also imposed an economic war on us for 3 years, and his political life will end in the coming weeks as well, and history will remember him as a person without dignity.”



Source: Islamic Republic News Agency – IRNA

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