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Owdlu Cemetery in NW Iran, memorial of Islamic Era

Tehran, The initial explorations in Owdlu cemetery in Bileh Savar, northwetern province of Ardebil, shows that the site is a cemetery dating back to the middle Islamic era.

The Public Relations Office of the Research Institute of Cultural Heritage and Tourism (RICHT) quoted Qader Ebrahimi, head of the project to explore the structure of the tomb in Owdlu cemetery of Bileh Savar, as saying on Saturday that in addition to the crate-like stones that were previously scattered within the cemetery enclosure, remains of a memorial tower are considered to be the most significant work in that area which is located in the southwest of the cemetery.

Referring to the fact that the exploration results indicate that construction of the building was in the middle Islamic era, he said the building has been constructed in the form of an octagon and according to archeological documentations of the work, such as the existing tower tombs in the Azarbaijan region which were common from the Seljuks to the Timurid period, were composed of the two main spaces.

Ebrahimi added that the first space of the work is related to a crypt which has been built with a low-latitude entrance to an octagonal stone space with plaster work together with a brick vault.

The archeologist, expressing regret over lack of the presence of any traces of the brickworks on the stone base of the building, said that with regard to the large amount of brick rubbles around the building, it seems that the brick structure of the building had been intentionally demolished in the distant past and its brick material was used elsewhere.

Saying that the monument has been considered as a sacred building among the inhabitants of the region since the past, he referred to the donation of coins and other materials in the Qajar period as well as the contemporary era as the proof to this claim.

Ebrahimi further remarked that preliminary study on the nature of the tomb of the Owdlu cemetery indicates that the building was related to the people who lived up on the hills overlooking the cemetery.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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