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  • ISIS’s Secret Tunnels Hidden beneath Mosul

    An abandoned ISIS tunnel in Erbil, Iraq, was found completely decked out with pre-fab walls, bedrooms, electricity and kitchens.

    A series of intricate ISIS (ISIL, IS, Daesh) built tunnels containing living quarters have been discovered beneath Mosul as government forces …

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  • Saudi Female Dissident Tortured to Death

    A human rights activist says a female Saudi opposition figure has died in jail after suffering suspected excessive levels of torture.

    The director and founder of Washington-based Institute for [Persian] Gulf Affairs, Ali al-Ahmed, wrote on his Twitter account that …

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  • 300 Syrian Civilians Killed in US-led Coalition Airstrikes: Amnesty

    Amnesty International says since 2014 the US-led coalition airstrikes have killed hundreds of civilians in Syria, calling for an investigation into potential violations of international law during the so-called campaign against terror.

    It's high time the US authorities came clean …

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