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  • Moscow talks on Syria; no to militancy

    Foreign ministers of Iran, Russia, and Syria will share the table on Friday in Moscow to stress their commitment to solving the crisis via political mechanisms.For the Syrian crisis, we have always underlined the necessity of truce observed by all side…

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  • Libyan Forces Make Advances On ISIL Terrorists in Sirte

    Forces loyal to Libya’s UN-backed government on Friday made advances on the remaining pockets of Islamic State (Daesh/ISIL/ISIS/IS) terrorists holding out in the coastal city of Sirte.The push came after months of intense fighting in Sirte between gove…

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  • How and Why ISIS Destroyed Qayara Tombstones?

    Abdel el Razak Talab an Iraqi citizen in the city of Qayara told AP how and why ISIS destroyed Qayara tombstones.Abdel el Razak Talab regularly visited his brother’s grave in the Iraqi town of Qaraya while it was under the control of the Islamic State …

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  • 900 ISIS Terrorists Killed so far in the Mosul Offensive

    Up to 900 ISIS Terrorists have been killed in the offensive to retake Mosul, while more than 11,000 people are displaced in fighting.The Iraqi government informed US commanders on Wednesday that 57 Iraqi soldiers had been killed and about 250 wounded. …

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