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  • Iranian Security Forces Arrest Several Komala Terrorists

    Several terrorists affiliated to the Komala Party (a terrorist group active in Kurdistan region) were captured by Iranian security forces.According to Hawari Kurdistan news website, the terrorists are accused of killing three people in Kamyaran town of…

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  • Syria: ISIS Declares State of Emergency in Raqqa

    Reports about advances of the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) North of Raqqa have caused the ISIS leaders to declare a state of emergency in the capital of their self-proclaimed Caliphate, informed sources said Monday.”Simultaneous with the …

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  • SDF Operation for Raqqa Countryside in Progress

    the General Command of Liwaa Soqour al-Raqqa( Raqqa Hawks Brigade) Fayad Ghanim said that their principal goal of launching Ghadab al-Firat campaign is liberating Raqqa city from IS gangs.The General Commander also called civilians to keep away from IS…

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