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  • ISIS Launches Chemical Attack in Iraq’s Mosul

    The ISIS (ISIL, IS, Daesh) terrorist group has used mustard gas during a military clash with government troops in Iraq’s Mosul, a report said.Daesh on Sunday fired mortar shells containing chemicals at positions of Iraqi troops who are advancing agains…

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  • Prisoners Take Control of Parts of Bedford Prison

    Prisoners took over parts of Bedford prison in central England on Sunday night in what the prison workers’ body described as a serious incident, with extra prison officers from across the country and local police drafted in to help regain control.Fire …

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  • Peshmerga Forces Enters the Town of Bashiqa

    Heavy clashes are continuing as Peshmerga Forces enter the town of Bashiqa. Operation to retake Bashiqa from ISIS start today Morning.Peshmerga Commander Sihad Barzani said tha Peshmerga artillery units are bombing ISIS positions in Bashiqa, afflicting…

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