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Pak analyst pays homage to Imam Khomeini

Islamabad, Senior Pakistan analyst says Imam Khomeini with his great struggle brought an Islamic Revolution in Iran and transformed the whole country into an Islamic welfare state

In an interview with IRNA, Director General Measac Research Institute, Mohammad Abdullah Hamid Gul said personality of Imam Khomeini did not only inspire the region but entire Muslim world.

He said Imam Khomeini played a significant role in defeating the imperialist and Zionist forces.

Today all oppressed nations in the world who are victim of imperialist forces remember Imam Khomeini as a great leader who taught them how to fight against the tyranny, he said.

The analyst added efforts of Imam Khomeini were not only for the people of Iran but for all oppressed people around the world.

He also played a very important role for bringing unity among the Muslim world, noted the analyst.

Chairman of Tehrik Jawanan Pakistan expressing his views said Imam Khomeini's simple lift style is a source of inspiration for the Muslims around the world which is actually the message of Islam.

Abdullah Hamid Gul said Imam Khomeini with his struggle threw away a tyrant ruler from Iran which is a very big achievement, adding that Imam Khomeini was not only a political or religious leader but was also a great scholar, thinker and philosopher.

His teachings will continue to provide guidance to the people around the world, he viewed. The analyst said, 'We should follow the teachings of Imam Khomeini in our lives.'

The expert went on to say that late Imam had played an important role for establishing an Islamic system in Iran.

He said that Islamic Revolution in Iran is flourishing due to the teachings of Imam Khomeini. I have high regards for the contributions of Imam Khomeini for the Muslim world, said Abdullah Gul.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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