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Pak daily praises Iran’s approach to nuclear deal

Islamabad,A leading Pakistan newspaper says that Iran's rejection of any expectations of revising a nuclear deal under American pressure is a commendable approach.

Daily 'The Nation' in its editorial comments said that Trump's rhetoric has justifiably drawn Iran's ire and put Washington at odds with other signatories of the accord; Britain, France, Germany, Russia, China and the European Union, some of which have benefited economically on renewed trade with Iran.

It is high time that Trump and his administration's approach of hardliners, evasion and inconsistency is flagged as unacceptable, it said.

The paper added that where the other parties to the accord admit that Tehran has stuck to its commitments under the treaty, they need to adopt a more robust position in communicating their opposition to the US's dithering, instead of allowing it to impose further stipulations.

In this instance Europe should call Trump out on his threat of walking away from the existing deal, as it diminishes the progress that has been made in the region, it said.

The Nation went on to say that it seems that Trump's entire strategy during his presidential reign is to present himself as the global despot who does not listen to others.

The paper added that In Iran's case, Trump's approach only seeks to assert supremacy over the country and demand its full capitulation to its whims.

It said that the US cannot dictate Iran's foreign policy by keeping peace and cooperation in the region hostage.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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