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Pakistan daily slams Trump’s anti Iran tweet

Islamabad, Leading Pakistani news daily said that it is a petty that president of the United States is threatening a sovereign nation, Iran via an angry tweet.

'Dawn' in its editorial comments said that it is unfortunate that the conduct of international relations has come to this point and the US President is using unstatesmanlike language wholly unsuitable to a leader of a world power.

It added that Donald Trump's tenure has shown thus far, name-calling and conducting sensitive diplomacy through Twitter is all par for the course. Trump fulminated that Iran should never, ever threaten the United States again or else the Islamic Republic would suffer consequences few throughout history have ever suffered before.

The paper said while world leaders, especially in times of tension, are known to make hyperbolic and ultra-nationalistic speeches, these comments are troubling considering the current situation in the Middle East.

Unfortunately, many in the US administration appear to be looking for a confrontation with Iran; a little before Trump's bombastic tweet, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that he wanted all states to stop buying Iranian oil by November (effectively declaring economic war on Tehran), it said.

The editorial added that expectedly, the harsh comments emanating from Washington have engendered hardline responses from the Iranian establishment, including the supreme leader and commanders of the Pasdaran (Islamic Revolution Guards Corps).

Dawn said it seems that there are very few sane voices left in Washington where the Iran file is concerned.

In fact, many of those who cheered earlier American wars in the Middle East (eg. National Security Adviser John Bolton) are back in the saddle and close to Trump, it said.

It said while Iran's European interlocutors are working to save what is left of the nuclear deal and trying to find a modus vivendi, America is on the warpath. That is why for those who want a peaceful global order it is imperative that this conflict be averted, and Washington take the lead by toning down its rhetoric,' Dawn said.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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