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Pakistan expresses solidarity with Turkey

Islamabad, Pakistan on Monday expressed strong support for Turkey which is embroiled in an intense dispute with the United States that has seen the lira plunge.

Foreign ministry in a statement said Pakistan, in principle, is opposed to imposition of unilateral sanctions against any country.

The solution to any and all issues should lie in dialogue, mutual understanding and goodwill. Any steps or actions to the contrary only undermine the peace and stability and make the solution to a problem more difficult and intractable, the statement read.

Pakistan acknowledges and greatly appreciates Turkey's invaluable role towards regional and international peace and stability. It is also a vital member and engine of the global economy, the Foreign Ministry continued.

The statement added, The people and the Government of Pakistan reiterate their strong support for the Government and the people of Turkey in their quest for peace and prosperity, and as always, will continue to stand by them towards the achievement of these shared goals.

The US slapped sanctions on two Turkish officials earlier this month over a detained American pastor who is being tried on espionage and terror-related charges.

Turkey vowed retaliation without delay and warned the move would further harm relations between the two allies.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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