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Pakistan to establish four joint border markets with Iran

Zahedan The seventh meeting of the Joint Border Trade Committee (JBTC) has decided to establish four joint border markets with Iran's cooperation, Pakistani official Reza Baloch said on Saturday.

Reza Baloch made the remarks after signing of the joint Iran-Pakistan Border Trade Agreement held in Zahedan on Saturday.

He said that the two-day meeting discussed all issues concerning border trade between the two countries and reached an agreement with 22 clauses.

Baloch said that cases involving Sistan-Baluchestan Province of Iran and Balochistan province of Pakistan between the Parties and those related to Governments will be approved by the Governments in order to remove some obstacles on operation of border markets.

The agreement also includes discounts for border residents, Reza Baloch, Pakistan's Customs Collector and the head of he Pakistani delegation said.

"The Pakistani government has decided to establish four border markets, which will be launched within the next year," he said.

The seventh meeting of the JBTC between Pakistan and Iran commenced in the Iranian city of Zahedan on Thursday.

According to official sources, the annual JBTC meeting will discuss the issues, requirements, opportunities and related affairs of trade between the two neighboring countries.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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