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Pakistan vows to resolve kidnapped Iranian border guards: Speaker

Tehran, Speaker of Iranian parliament said that Tehran asked Islamabad that the military and its intelligence systems would be more actively involved in the release of kidnapped Iranian border guards and they promised to end the matter and that Iran would pursue it.

At a news conference with local and foreign media in response to a question about the situation of the kidnapped Iranian border guards, Ali Larijani said, 'I followed up on my talk with the head of Pakistani parliament and I know that Mr. President has also talked about it in a meeting with the president's Speaker of parliament.'

'On the matter of unrest on the Pakistani border, we have seen some other countries' involvement and told Pakistani friends there are some solid evidence that some countries have been involved in the matter and have done so to hamper IranPakistan relations,' he said, noting that the issue is a major concern.

In response to a question about Tehran Conference's achievements, Larijani stated that the heads of state assemblies in the summit expressed their strategies to fight terrorism and emphasized that the steps should be taken to set the rules in order to combat terrorism.

'An intellectual convergence between memberstates is under way, which we hope to achieve the result,' he said, stressing that the stronger economic cooperation will be formed among the members.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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