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Pakistani daily criticizes UN inability towards US anti-Iran moves

A Pakistani English news daily criticizing UN inability to defend the rights of Iranian people and stop US anti-Iranian movements in the region feared fleeing Afghanistan and recent US attacks in Iraq and Syria show Washington's inclination for a new confrontation with Tehran.

Daily Times in its editorial comments on Thursday said though the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres has urged the US to lift or waive all sanctions on Tehran, but he looks like Iran’s knight in tarnished armour.

“That Guterres is striving for an extension of waivers to include trade in oil and nuclear non-proliferation projects sends an important message to the Iranian people,” it said.

The paper added one that recognises the economic fallout they (Iran) have endured since the US quit the nuclear accord back in 2018. Yet only the optimistic view this as a warning to Washington that the unilateralism of the Trump years will not be tolerated, let alone welcomed.

Daily Times said the Biden administration, like those that came before — is interested in status quo politics, at least in foreign policy terms, including the reckless and unconditional exit from Afghanistan.

It said for the target of US ire continues to be Iran, tensions between the two sides escalated this week along the Syria-Iraq border.

Biden during a visit of Zionist President has assured him that Iran would never get a nuclear weapon.

Daily Times described the Americans' hasty and reckless departure from Afghanistan as another White House plan to escalate tensions with Iran and create a proxy war in the region.

In a letter to Joe Biden yesterday, 113 human rights and civil organizations, religious and peace groups in the United States have condemned US recent airstrikes on Syria and Iraq.

The US president has claimed that the aim of the recent attacks on Syria and Iraq was to prevent attacks by Iranian-backed forces against US and allied positions.

The United States has said in a letter to the UN Security Council that it decided to attack resistance groups on the Syrian-Iraqi border.

"I personally ordered the recent attacks on militant positions in Iraq and Syria, and I did so in accordance with my constitutional authority," Biden said during a meeting with the Israeli president at the White House.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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