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Pakistani tourist admires the splendour and beauty of Tehran

Tehran, A Pakistani tourists on Saturday admired beauty of Tehran as a splendour, saying, 'Tehran is a great, modern, safe, clean and beautiful city with hospitable people. It is a pleasure to watch its the snowcapped mountains in this season.'

Nasir Nakagawa, a Pakistani tourist who has been living in Japan for many years and traveled to many countries, has narrated fascinating travel writings on his travels, and now that he has come to Iran for the first time, he focused on 'Iran's tourist sightseeings, tranquility and security' as the main source of his new travel book.

Nasir Nakagawa During his trip to Tehran, was a guest of the Urdu Language and Literature department at the University of Tehran's Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures and had an intimate meeting with the university teachers and students at this department.

A number of Japanese language professors at the University of Tehran's faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures also attended the meeting.

Nasir Nakagawa, said that in his first trip to Iran, he was very pleased with the many affinities between the Iranian and Pakistani people.

He said that he has a great interest in Iran and he loves Iranian culture, that is why, the name of one of his two sons was chosen, Shahrokh.

During his visit, he held an interrview with IRNA and he welcomed the interview warmly.

** IRNA: Is it your first visit to Iran?

Nakagawa:Yes, this is my first trip to the Islamic Republic of Iran.

**IRNA: This is your first visit to Iran and given the cultural, religious and linguistic commonalities between the people of Iran and Pakistan, what is your feeling?

Nakagawa:Both, the people of Pakistan and the Islamic Republic of Iran are Muslims, and this is the largest share of the two countries. Moreover, the two countries share a common Eastern culture and Pakistan is Iran's greatest friend. Traditional customs, Islamic education of children, Islamic hijab and family lifestyle are almost the same.

Even Begum Nusrat Bhutto (1929 2011), The widow of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto former Pakistan Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, was also Iranian, all of which indicates cultural affinity between the two countries.

I spent my childhood in Karachi, where in the city there is a genuine Iranian culture in the lives of the people.

***IRNA: How did you see the city of Tehran and other cities of Iran in terms of beauty, urban amenities, culture of the people, and so on?

Nakagawa: At first I arrived in the airport, I went to the Imam Khomeini's shrine and prepared photo and took films from his tomb and sent to my friends in Pakistan and they praised the beauty and glory of his holy shrine.

The people of Tehran are very goodtempered, wellmannered and welldressed.

'Meantime, I realized that they are very hospitable and kind. Professors at the Faculty of Foreign Languages at the University of Tehran also welcomed me with pleasure.'

Tehran is a city of cleanliness and beauty, especially the snowcapped mountains immerse in the eyes.

** IRNA: As a tourist, you have visited many countries and today you are in Iran. What message do you have for those people from different countries who have never traveled to Iran and the image of Iran in their minds is an unrealistic and grayish image of Western media advertisements?

Nakagawa: I will ask them all to visit this beautiful country even once. I'm frankly saying that Iran is unique and will undoubtedly excite foreign tourists.

I also recommend to Japanese tourists to visit the Beautiful Iran, because the country is calm and secure, and the Iranian people likewise like Japan.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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