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Palestinian youth killed, 30 injured in Gaza

Gaza, One Palestinian youth was killed and 30 injured by Israeli forces during the weekly Friday protests in the eastern Gaza Strip, medics and security sources said.

The 58th Great Return March dubbed 'Breaking Siege of Eastern Gaza Strip' turned violent as Zionist regime forces opened fire on the protestors, killing a Palestinian youth named Abdullah Jome' Abdelaal and injuring 30 including two children and one medic.

Zionist regime's militants laid siege on Gaza 13 years ago and block entrance of food and medicines to it.

Since March 30 last year, Palestinians in the Hamasrun Strip have been demanding the right to return to lands from which their families were violently expelled during the founding of Israel in 1948. Protesters in the weekly rallies are also calling for an end to the blockade.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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