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People in Azerbaijan Republic welcome Iranian Gando TV series

Tehran, IRNA - Following conclusion of broadcasting Iranian Gando TV series via the Sahar Azari network, people in Azerbaijan Republic called for the broadcast of second season of the series.

The Sahar Azari Network is broadcasting top Iranian movies and series in Azeri language for nearly three decades, and the TV network has been successful in attracting viewers in Caucasus.

Nowadays, Iranian films and series are being welcomed by Azeri language speakers and some series have been influential in the Azerbaijani society.

Gando has been one of the successful series, which could promote enthusiasts to sit and watch Iranian series.

Dubbing of the series was carried out in Baku, capital city of Azerbaijan Republic, under the supervision of Amin Abbasov, an Azerbaijani actor.

Some prominent voice actors participated in dubbing process of Gando series into Azeri language.

Viewers welcomed the TV broadcast and also reacted warmly on social media platforms such as Facebook, sent numerous messages and called for dubbing and broadcast of the second season of the series as soon as possible.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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