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Persian abstracts on display in Turkey

Tehran, A collection of Turkish and Persian paintings are being showcased at 7 Art Gallery in Istanbul until October 15.

The collection, dedicated to abstract paintings, is displaying about 30 works by nine Iranian artists, including Iraj Shayestehpour, Giti Norouzian, Maryam Moqqadam, Saba Mousavi, and Ghazal Vakili.

The works are inspired by an Eastern and Persian outlook at concept paintings with a different view at modern art.

The works by the Iranian artists are delicate and small and yet thorough slice of the inner world with a particular narrative from the point of the view of the artist.

The paintings mainly aim to convey emotions and feelings without relying on the environment, and try to teach the visitors not to allow any intervention in their interpretation of the work of art.

Source: Iran Daily

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