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Persian Gulf will never be conquered: Iranian senior official

Tehran, The Persian Gulf has always belonged to the Iranians and the colonizers and their henchmen will never be able to conquer it or alter its name, said the advisor to the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution on Sunday.

The story of the Persian Gulf and changing its name by henchmen of World Arrogance is sedition; they should know that they are flogging a dead horse,' said Ali-Akbar Velayati in the unveiling ceremony of a Pictorial Persian Gulf book.

'What the ancient documents of Iranian and Arab historians show is that the Persian Gulf has always belonged to the Iranians, and nothing else,' Velayati added.

'The Saudis that talk about the issue actually speak for the Zionist regime, the US and the UK, and follows the idea of colonization and arrogance.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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