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Peshmerga Forces Enters the Town of Bashiqa

Heavy clashes are continuing as Peshmerga Forces enter the town of Bashiqa. Operation to retake Bashiqa from ISIS start today Morning.

Peshmerga Commander Sihad Barzani said tha Peshmerga artillery units are bombing ISIS positions in Bashiqa, afflicting heavy damage on the militants' positions.

At least 11 ISIS militants have been killed in today's clashes by the Peshmerga in Bashiqa.

Five ISIS suicide bombers have blown themselves up near Peshmerga positions, no casualties have been reported.

Bashiqa had been surrounded by the Peshmerga for two weeks.Bashiqa is a key strategic point on the approach to Mosul.

Lieutenant Colonel Safeen Rasoon of the peshmerga forces said they estimated "seven vehicle borne explosive devices and one hundred Islamic State terrorists are inside," the village.

Source: Al Alam

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